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The Next Four Years…For Me

As Framing The Dialogue has entered into its ninth year things now have changed.  When B.H. Obama won in 2008, I didn’t protest; I didn’t throw rocks at police officers; I didn’t burn cars; I started a blog.  A blog, sadly, that very few people read, but that’s okay as I like writing it.  I was pretty dedicated to 3-4 posts per week and I still think many of them were pretty spot on.  My start in the blogosphere was jump started by George W Bush’s failure to articulate and defend conservative fiscal values…heck he really stopped practicing them in his second term.  The failure of Bush and the RINOs in Congress gave us the housing/financial crisis that contributed to the election of B.H. Obama.  I started Framing The Dialogue shortly thereafter.

Start With Why

“Leaders don’t have all the great ideas; they provide support for those who want to contribute.  Leaders achieve very little by themselves; the inspire people to come together for the good of the group.  Leaders never start with what needs to be done.  Leaders start with WHY we need to do things.  Leaders inspire action.”

True American Hero – Thomas Sowell

I hadn’t “given” this award for a while.  There are probably a lot of folks who are deserving, but when I decide to do this I really have to feel it and there is generally some action that prompts me to act.  In the case of Mr. Sowell it was his retirement.  I looked back at how many times I’ve either read/reviewed on of his books, or used a quote of his, or embedded a YouTube video with Mr. Sowell making a great point.

Breitbart and others posted articles featuring what they consider his greatest quotes and I would prefer to let Mr. Sowell’s words prove my case that he is a True American Hero:

Ed Assner’s Hypocrisy

You gotta love a liberal who resists following the rules they decry for everybody else.  Liberal California passed a minimum wage law that requires businesses to raise the minimum wage to $10.50 starting January 1, 2017.  You may be surprised to learn that big leftist and former president of the Screen Actor’s Guild, Ed Assner (yes I know that it’s misspelled) did not support minimum wage…for theatre companies.  In fact, Mr. Assner filed a lawsuit seeking relief from the new minimum wage law for his industry.

What Alice Forgot

“It had seemed like she was about to fall headfirst into all her memories but then she’d deliberately resisted it, stepped back from the edge when she really should have let herself go.  It would be far easier and less confusing if she could just remember what the hell was going on in her life.”

 In What Alice Forgot, Alice Love got a knock on her head and lost a big chunk of her life.  The novel is her experience as she goes back in time to become woman she was and is confronted by the woman she became; a woman that she may not like; a woman very different than who she thinks she is.  Alice confronts huge changes as she wanders the maze that her life has become.

Remote Control

This is a series straight from the United Kingdom featuring operative; Nick Stone.  The terrorists in this novel, Remote Control, are Sein Fein and other Irish Republican Army offshoots.  When Stone is ordered to follow some actors to the United States he finds himself in the middle of a very, very dangerous situation and cut off from his support agency and having to care for another which hampers his ability to figure out how to fix his problem and live!

This was a very good novel.  I would have found myself losing sleep to finish this book, but I was trapped on a long flight and author Andy McNab provided me with some great entertainment on my cramped flight.

Tier One

TIER One  Elite, covert special missions units tasked with conducting  counterterrorism operations, strike operations, reconnaissance in denied areas, and special intelligence missions.  Their existence is often denied.”

Tier One by authors Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson introduces us to the group of American heroes tasked with taking direct action against United States’ enemies.  These are not a bunch of soldiers bound by “rules of engagement” limiting their ability to carry out their missions.  We meet Jack Kemper, one of the Tier One leaders.  His world is turned upside-down when tragedy strikes his life and he is determined to make the enemy pay.

After Romeo and Juliet Died

In After Romeo and Juliet Died we meet a young married couple at their rehearsal dinner.  We also meet their unhappy sister of the bride, her husband who cannot keep a job, a strange older lady dressed oddly, a mother who cares only about appearances, a workaholic father…I could go on, but you’ll just have to read the book.  This is a rather light-hearted look at a young couple as they try to face a future together with lots of folks pulling them in different directions.