Framing the Dialogue


I know that I have very few readers, but that doesn’t stop me.  My family doesn’t even read my posts…still doesn’t stop me.  I’ve moved this site from mostly political to mostly book reviews as that’s what I enjoy…reading.  It also serves as my database on which books that I have read.  Reading over a book a week makes keeping track a bit difficult.

Every so often, politics get to the point where I feel that I need to weigh in.  With some of the crap going on in our country now I am feeling a bit fed up.  From never-Trumpers against anything Trump (even when his policy aligns with their views) to millionaires like Bernie Sanders telling us why they need to confiscate our hard-earned money.

I’d like to start a movement…#youfirst!

  • When Bernie touts Medicare for all…let’s tell Bernie “#youfirts”…donate all of your millions to the federal budget.  I’m sure that President Trump will earmark it for health insurance for the needy.
  • When the Koch brothers cry for open borders and grease politicians palms for illegal immigrants lets tell them “#youfirst” and they can host hordes of illegals in their mansions and pay for everything.  We’ll also expect them to hand over 90% of their wealth (not just “income”) to help defray the cost of open borders.
  • When Demoncrats like Nancy Pelosi poopoo “the wall” we will need them to follow through with #youfirst” and have her give up her walled home and give up her armed guards.  Oh and we want her and her husbands wealth…not all of it, just 90%
  • When the new Demoncrat socialists like AOC, Harris, Warren, Booker, and the rest of the newbies propose free anything we MUST say #youfirst!  Work for the minimum wage that you want.  Self-fund your campaigns.  Give up your congressional perk of private healthcare insurance.  Be the leader that you seem to want to be and not coaching from the sidelines telling us what we should do.
  • You don’t want fossil fuels, #youfirst!  When I see that you don’t use planes, cars and electricity then I’ll know that you’re serious and will pay attention.
  • If you are famous for reading other people’s words (actors, news readers) or happen to be a gifted athlete or singer, don’t tell the rest of us how to do things, #youfirst and show us the way.  Live in a small row house somewhere, give 90% of your wealth to the federal government…and most of all Shut the front door (Shut the F up).  Don’t tell we the people what to do, #youfirst, and do it yourself.

My angst is running out of steam right now and I do not wish to take of more of my precious weekend.  I do actually work five days a week and cherish Saturday and Sunday.  I wish that I could unplug, but it’s nearly impossible.  I find lately that I can only find non-political entertainment on Pittsburgh Penguin broadcasts and the Hallmark Channel.

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