Framing the Dialogue

You Suck

“It was walking down a dark street, late at night, knowing that you were the most powerful creature there, that there was absolutely nothing, no one, that could fuck with you. Until she had been changed and had stalked the city as a vampire, she never realized that virtually every moment she had been there as a woman, she had been a little bit afraid. A man would never understand. That was the reason for the dress and the shoes—not to attract a minion, but to throw her sexuality out there on display, dare some underevolved male to make the mistake of seeing her as a victim.”

Maybe having the weirdest title for “A Love Story”, makes You Suck: A Love Story, unusualY.  That would be par for the course for author Christopher Moore as I’ve read quite a few of his novels and the word “different” is always one that you can use to describe his work.  I’d also add enjoyable, entertaining, odd, and many others to try to describe his writing.  I keep coming back.

In this the second in the Bloodsucking Fiends series (I sadly am reading them out of order and missed the first book…soon to be rectified) we are back with Jody who only a few months ago was turned into a vampire and has now done the unthinkable and changed her former minion and boyfriend into the same.  It’s awkward and dangerous as she tries to guide him in this new, dark world and quite a bit humorous.

“She was enjoying teaching Tommy about the particulars of vampirism, just as she enjoyed teaching him how to do grown-up human things like how to get the power and phone turned on in the loft—it made her feel sophisticated and in charge, and after a series of boyfriends for whom she had been little more than an accoutrement, whose lifestyles she had affected, from heavy-metal anarchists to financial-district yuppies, she liked being the pacesetter for a change.”

The most endearing character is their sixteen-year-old minion who’s dialogue is so funny.

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