Framing the Dialogue

You Only Live Once

Imagine Bond, James Bond meets Cuckoos Nest and you have a peek into Haris Orkin’s You Only Live Once. Instead of Mr. Bond we meet James Flynn, a loveable and adept mental patient or spy or mental patient or spy.  I’m never quite sure.  Join Mr. Flynn as he takes on layers of organized crime to try to rescue Q, M, and many others and stay one step ahead of the police and the guys with the straightjackets.

“Sancho, I’m not sure you understand the gravity of our situation.” “Dude, I’m not sure you do…” “N and Miss Honeywell are missing, possibly dead. Q has been kidnapped. Dulcie is in grave danger.” Flynn crumpled up his burrito wrapper and took another sip of Dr. Pepper before pulling back into traffic. “James, listen, man, I know that’s how it seems, but—” “A brutal enemy has infiltrated her Majesty’s Secret Service. We’re the only ones left. The world’s last, best hope.” “James—” “I called directory assistance and they gave me the number for Tiny’s” “What?” “I was also able to obtain an address and a cross street. It’s at the corner of Lankershim and Tiara.” “What the hell are you talking about?”

This is a funny romp that exploits the fantasy of the James Bond genre.  I found the novel very enjoyable and hope that the characters of Sancho and Dulcie are homage to folks from one of my favorite novels, Don Quixote…on my list to re-read soon.

 “Of course I do. You don’t want to die. Neither do I. Personally, however, I fear death far less than I do an inadequate life.” Flynn held out his hand. “It’s been very nice knowing you, amigo.” Sancho hesitated and then finally shook hands with him. “I’m begging you, man. Don’t go back there.” “Nefarious forces are at work, my friend. Evil in all its ugliness. Innocent lives are at stake. Innocent lives that I am honor-bound to protect.”

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