Framing the Dialogue

You Lie

Obama-Lying-Book_There have been lots and lots of discussions and panels offering advice to Republicans regarding how to improve their brand. Some of the best “advice” comes from liberals who have absolutely NO desire to see Republican’s improve their lot with the electorate. It has been funny to me to watch these serious-faced pundits discuss Republicans as if they really wanted them to succeed. One only has to listen to their advice to know the truth behind their masks. They lie!

The Republicans are in such of frenzy of assigning blame that they have descended into a rabble of disparate parts and in some cases uncivil war. The competition for Republican mediocrity is in full swing leading up to the 2014 elections which promise to be a blood-bath for the party. Some fret what is coming while others boldly refer to the victories of 2010. The TEA Party stinks to some while to many it was responsible for 2010 results. “Rising star” Marco Rubio is being disparaged by many in his party and “future rising star” Ted Cruz is being disparaged by the media at every turn. Rand Paul may not seem like a threat yet because he has his father’s libertarian legacy around his neck.

Looking at the Democrats I have often wondered how they keep things together. The CAN’T all be left-winged nuts who fall in lock step yet when one deems to leave the progressive path they generally are persuaded to return to the reservation. Unity seems to be their key. Their “big tent” doesn’t seem as big as there are few dissenting views…at least ones expressed publically. They do have the full and unyielding support of the liberal media complex and a president that doesn’t seem to mind using Chicago politics to get his way, but there is more. They have a unique message and aren’t afraid to shout from the rooftops each and every day.

obama liesTheir unique strategy seems to be to lie every chance that they get. Lying liars and the lies that they tell. This ties into the left-winged media complex and the lack of facing their previous lies from the press. It helps to LIE when you have little to no chance of getting caught in the lie. What a more relaxed childhood I would have had if I didn’t fear getting caught in a lie. No I didn’t break that! What dent in the car? Must have been a Republican that did that!

It’s worth a try, but Republicans should just lie! They should just flat out lie about everything. Sequestration was Obama’s idea…okay that’s the truth and not a good example. Think about the simplicity of the lie. You tell it rather simply and the opposition has to spend so much time trying to discount the lie that it generally falls on deaf ears. If you tell the lie often enough it gains traction. If you get all Republicans to tell the lie it will gain credibility…okay that’s a stretch. If you stand by the lie even the left-winged media complex will expose themselves as biased as they try and try to discount the lie. Think about Obama’s strategy of simply lying. It’s brilliant!

I, however, don’t think the GOP has the backbone to lie or any backbone at all. They just want to be loved. They’ll almost do anything to gain that establishment acceptance even if it means accepting Democrat lies. Republicans are weak with all that honesty. Hell they CANNOT even call Obama a liar when he is lying! They use phrases like “not truthful” or “stretching the truth.”

I would LOVE to see a elected Republican just flat out use the phrase “Obama is lying” and it would be better if he was sitting right there.



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