Framing the Dialogue

Yeah That’s The Ticket

It is often very interesting to me how Hollyweird types and their rich liberal friends (i.e. Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, etc.) are all about liberal causes and how the rich should pay more.  To date I have yet to read about one of them giving more to the federal government.  In fact Warren’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, is being sued by the federal government for $366 million in back taxes.  Perhaps the “Buffet Rule” should start with paying what you owe?  I guess this FOO (Friend of Obama) doesn’t mind if taxes goes up since his companies don’t really pay anyway.

The following is a part of a radio interview in which an alum of the uber-liberal SNL, Jon Lovitz, says some not too kind things about the thin-skinned one.  I WILL CAUTION YOU THAT THERE IS BAD LANGUAGE.

I have two predictions; Jon Lovitz will never work in Hollywood again, but will be popular on conservative talk shows; Jon Lovitz will get some scrutiny from the IRS.

When I was searching for the above video I stumbled upon another video featuring a SNL spoof of Obama that was somewhat critical.  The video was from CNN and actually fact-checked the spoof by SNL.  Wolf Blitzer, who used to be a journalist, actually had a piece fact checking an SNL skit!  The following is a segment from the O’Reilly factor critiquing the CNN piece.  I just couldn’t bring myself to embed anything from CNN.


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