Framing the Dialogue


xoAuthor Jeffery Deaver took me on a winding wild ride with this novel, XO. The story features a vacationing California Bureau of Investigation (“CBI”) detective Kathryn Dance as she is pulled into a sinister murder investigation related to an up-and-coming female country singer.  The main suspect is a very intelligent stalker, no he’s a brilliant stalker and hard to pin down as a suspect.  His obsession with singer Kayleigh Towne is complete, but he always stays just on this side of the law.  Towne’s music spoke to him and like stalkers are apt to think, he thought she WAS speaking to him.

“We get answers from music.  The whole world walks around with those little earplugs feeding songs into their brains.  Why?  So they can learn the truth!  They need people who can put into words and music the answers they need.”

This is one of those books where there are so many twists and turns that I often found myself thinking back to earlier clues to see what I had missed.

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