Framing the Dialogue

Wuf Is Bwind

hempSome two years after the lover of Massachusetts Representative and Chairman of the powerful Financial Services Committee, Barney Frank, was arrested for growing pot in his yard, it has come to light that Rep. Frank (D-MA) was actually present during the drug bust.  Great job main stream media for finally letting people know that Frank was present during his lover’s DRUG BUST over two years ago.  I guess that this is not the same as a Representative sending suggestive texts to a page (who turned out NOT to be underage) that stayed on the front pages for weeks, but he was a Republican after all.

Frank, who was over 67 years old at the time of the arrest, claimed that he had no idea what marijuana since he was “not a great outdoorsman.”  Maybe someone can explain how someone can be one the earth for over sixty years, be in his mid-twenties during the turbulent 60’s, and have no idea what marijuana looks like.  There is probably no connection that Rep. Frank introduced a bill that would legalize personal pot usage a few months after the bust.  I did not go to journalism school, but Frank’s lover being busted for marijuana and a few months later Frank planned to introduce a bill to legalize the drug sounds like a very big story.  Maybe that’s just me.

AIG OUtrage FrankMaybe we should give Rep. Frank a little slack because Wuf Is Bwind.  He probably had no idea that his lover was growing “weed” in the back yard.  We should give Frank the benefit of the doubt.  It is not like anything like this ever happened to Frank before.

The last time Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) was bwinded by wuf it had nothing to do with drugs.  On that occasion Frank received an official reprimand from the United States House of Representatives.  It seems that Frank used his influence to fix parking tickets, made his lover his “paid aide” without reporting it to the IRS, and wrote support letters to his friend’s parole officer.  The biggest issue was that Barney’s buddy was running a homosexual prostitution ring from Rep. Barney Frank’s house.  Frank once again bwinded by wuf, claimed to have no knowledge of the illegal activity.  It was reported, however, that Frank paid the man for sex when they first met.  Frank took a page from Bill Clinton’s playbook and said that it did not count because he did not inhale.  [I know that was a really cheap joke, but isn’t Frank a joke?]

barney frank cartoon1By the way, what is up with the voters in Massachusetts?  Drug busts, male prostitutes, parking ticket fixing, being complicit in the downfall of the world’s economy and yet he still gets elected.  It sounds like the Chicago politics that we are seeing on a national basis.  How does he keep getting elected?  I should talk living in Pennsylvania with Arlen “party switchin” Specter and Bob “his Dad was famous” Casey.

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