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WTF – Ed Rendell

George WTFTwo things happened this week that were the inspiration of a new series for Framing The Dialogue.  The first was perhaps my favorite poster that was displayed at the September 12 TEA Party in Washington D.C.  Our first president wondering “WTF.”  Evand every time that I see this I just crack up.  In case you did not know, “WTF” stands for “What the Freak” or something less printable on my blog. 

The second incident was when I saw this headline “Gov. Rendell named one of Esquire magazine’s ’75 Best People.’”  That headline worked as I skipped to the article and sure enough our Gov. is one of the 75 best people “in the WORLD.” (emphasis added).  I thought to myself “WTF” and a series was born.

Back to old Ed.  As a life-long resident of Pennsylvania and having been subjected to his thugish governing style for nearly eight years, I could not fathom how he could make any top list of best people.  He has essentially held the state hostage each budget year like a spoiled child until he got what he wanted which amounted to more and more programs.  He is fighting diligently to raise Pennsylvania’s income taxes. 

As “WTF” still rattles around in my head I am wondering why our governor is on anybody’s “best” list…or anybody’s list for that matter.  I would not characterize him as outstanding.  Many thought he would find his way into the Obama administration, but he was not chosen.  There were quite a lot that hoped that he would actually leave Pennsylvania, but he apparently he did not make the cut until now.

Pennsylvania's Gov. demonstrates his "Itsy Bitsy Spider" going up the water spout as he entertains someone's puppy.

Pennsylvania's Gov. demonstrates the classic "Itsy Bitsy Spider" going up the water spout as he entertains someone's puppy.

Esquire magazine has joined the ranks of the leading news outlets of world.  They compiled their list of the world’s best people “by virtue of skill or character, make us happy — happy that they’re among us, happy that they do what they do, happy that they’re successful. Each of them possesses exceptional talent, of course, but each also satisfies two special requirements: Would we like to have a drink with this person? And would we trust this person with our puppy?”

WTF…Ed Rendell meets this criteria?  Joining Gov. Ed on this prestigious list is No. 1 Matt Damon, Tim “tax cheat” Geithner, Lyle Lovett, Rahm Emanuel, Hill & Bill, Tom Cruise, Chris Rock, and Lisa Simpson (yes that Lisa Simpson).  The authors must not live in the Keystone State.

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  1. Kevin says:

    I love the picture’s caption! It pretty much sums up the criteria ESQ used to determine their top peeps.

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