Framing the Dialogue


wool“Anyone with wrinkles around their eyes knew better.  They nodded to the duo as they passed through the cafeteria and wished them a different sort of unspoken luck.  ‘Keep us going,’ their eyes said. ‘Make it so my kids live as long as me.  Don’t let it unravel, not just yet.”

Something happened!  No one is really allowed to talk about it or even really ask the question.  Life is just contained within a tightly controlled societal boundary…everybody has a job…every job supports the community.  So what happens when order becomes chaos and someone from below gets some power and doesn’t see things they way they are supposed to?  Are they to be stopped?  And how will their supporters react.

Wool (you find out why “wool” is an appropriate title at some point) is an unusual novel set in a post-apoplectic future where survival is communal and segregated.  Author Hugh Howey has created a compact world and draws you in to the day-to-day grind.  You wonder about the different levels of the community and sense the tension as the next “cleaning” takes place.  This is the first in the Silo series and was an interesting book and worth a Kindle read.

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  1. Kevin says:

    I’m glad you liked the book! The whole series is pretty good, but only if you liked the first one a lot.

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