Framing the Dialogue

Without Remorse

In Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse (a “Jack Ryan Universe” book????), John Clark is the “hero” as he drifts a bit doing work for government using his SEAL skills.  When he happens upon a lost woman, things begin to turn around until they spiral out of control.  His loss becomes a call for revenge as he takes on criminals who act with impunity.  This in the backdrop of continuing aggression by the Vietnamese (North) as this is set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War.

The criminal element, though brutal, finds it difficult to match the skill and patience of an experience “black” operative.

Christ, how did you ever get this screwed up? his mind demanded of him. He knew the answer, but even that was not a full explanation. Different segments of the organism called John Terrence Kelly knew different parts of the whole story, but somehow they’d never all come together, leaving the separate fragments of what had once been a tough, smart, decisive man to blunder about in confusion—and despair? There was a happy thought.  He remembered what he’d once been. He remembered all the things that he had survived, amazed that he had done so. And perhaps the worst torment of all was that he didn’t understand what had gone wrong. Sure, he knew what had happened, but those things had all been on the outside, and somehow his understanding had gotten lost, leaving him alive and confused and without purpose. He was on autopilot. He knew that, but not where fate was taking him.”

This one was just Okay for me.  Not sure I like the style where the story switched between characters so frequently.  I guess it is somewhat enjoyable as the stories come together.


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