Framing the Dialogue

Witch Is When It All Began

Imagine that you’re a witch.  Not that you’re a mean person, but really a witch.  You didn’t grow up being a witch.  You didn’t even know that you were one until your long lost mother dropped this bomb on you from her deathbed.  “She did it to protect you!”  Talk about life-altering!  Oh and you’ve been hired to solve a murder mystery.

““Have you heard any more from your new family?” Kathy was once again topping up her glass. Now I knew her secret for getting through the party. “No, nothing.” I was hardly going to tell her that I’d had a conversation with my mother’s ghost or that Aunt Lucy had saved me from the Followers. And I certainly couldn’t tell her that I was a witch with magical powers. Not unless I wanted her to have me committed.”

This is the first in the series.  Though it was a fun read, it is really not to my taste.


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