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Wish List For Our Second 21st Century Decade

ChosenOneI guess that it is tradition to end the previous year and start a new year with some wishes or resolutions for the future.  As we move into the second decade of the 21st century I have a few of my own…hopefully for your enjoyment:

  • My first wish is for the lame stream media to start to enjoy the fact that they were successful in getting their man elected to the White House.  It has been almost a year so it is time for them to give up the ghost of the George W. Bush presidency and myths that they like to promote such as the 2000 election was stolen, Cheney was really in charge, and that Bush was both stupid and fiendishly cunning.
  • My next wish is also for the drive by media.  In this wish I also want them to enjoy the fact that their man is in the White House, but start to respect the fact that not all of us are not as thrilled.  It is time for them to stop telling us how smart Obama is (show us his grades), stop telling us that Obama is a centrist, stop talking about Michele’s bare arms -it is embarrassing Barbara, and stop calling everyone who does not agree with Obama a red-necked racist.
  • I wish for President Obama to realize that he is PRESIDENT and now owns the Iraq War, the Afgan War, the economy, the banking crisis, the deficit, the debt, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, double-digit unemployment, the myth of “saved” jobs, the war against man-made occurrences (terrorism for those in flyover country), and the upcoming inflation.
  • Taking a page from the Oz brand I wish for Nancy Pelosi to have a brain, for Harry Reid to get a heart, for Ben Nelson and numerous other Democrat lawmakers some courage to follow their constituents’ wishes, and for BO to retire to Chicago in January 2013.  Maybe some enterprising news person will expose the Soros behind the curtain.
  • Moving from politics to entertainment I wish for the demise of most of the reality television genre. 
  • I hope that Geico Insurance realizes that the little money pile with eyes does not work.  The theme song is good, but they have jumped the shark on this one.  I still like the Kiwi gecko and the cavemen.  They can rest on their laurels since the irritating Progressive Insurance chick has become an irritant (I know that is twice for that word) and the deep-voiced former TV president is neither cute nor funny enough to make me want to switch.
  • I hope that any “celebrity” with “Lil” as part of their name to find other work as I no longer want to see them.  If that is not possible, how about some channel where they can all hang out to keep them off of the streets.
  • I hope that celebrities who complain about the “paparazzi” and fans get their wish and are left alone and that includes their next movie, TV show, song, etc.   I doubt this will happen, but they could just retire or make a movie with Ben Afleck.
  • climategate-iiBelieve it or not I am starting to feel bad for Al Gore and the rest of the Natural Climate Change Deniers as more and more of their religious documents are being exposed to the light of truth.  I actually hope for some good news for Al and his minions in the form of a warm first quarter of 2010 in Western Pennsylvania.  I am already tired of shoveling snow.
  • I hope that Hillary Clinton is allowed to act like a real Secretary of State.  (I know that is politics, but she was just on television).
  • I hope that Carlos Irwin Estevez (AKA Charlie Sheen) gets two nice cell mates who share his political views and is sympathetic to men who physically abuse women “allegedly” or at least one that finds him really attractive.  Now that would be two and a half men.
  • I hope that more Hollywood conservatives “come out” and reveal themselves.
  • I hope that Tim and Susan change their minds…not about the break up, but about their blathering idiocy.  I would name others, but there are far too many.
  • I hope that Al Gore is able to hold onto his invisibility cloak (Harry Potter reference) as it has served him well in avoiding a real debate with a real expert on climate.
  • I hope that many real American business leaders put their country ahead of their desire for power and speak up.  I admire the few who have, but we need more, many more.  Who is John Galt?
  • I hope that the Senators from Pennsylvania come to their senses and either vote against big government legislation or get us better deals like Nelson, Dodd, and Landreiu.

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