Framing the Dialogue


In WIRED former (retired) special operations soldier, David Desh, is brought back by a former commander to track down a very dangerous person bent on causing thousands or more deaths.  Desh’s prey, however, proves to be more than a match for Desh as she seems to be playing chess to his game of checkers.  Kira Miller is a brilliant…no genius genetic engineer whose discoveries could make her extremely wealthy, extremely dangerous, and extremely wanted.  It doesn’t take very long for Desh to wonder who is the enemy.

“A part of him realized that this primitive, lizard brained interest in a girl who was nothing but a picture and a profile was foolish—but perhaps it was also a sign of returning health. He had felt numb inside since Iran, during which time he had lost all interest in starting any type of relationship.”

This is a very enjoyable, fast-paced novel by Douglas E. Richards.  Virtually in-put-downable.

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