Framing the Dialogue

Win Bigly: Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don’t Matter

What happens when you combine one of my favorite cartoonists, a heated election, and a prediction of a Trump victory.  In Win Bigly, author Scott Adams tells the story of how he predicted very early on that Donald Trump would win the election.  It is very unusual for someone famous to appear to side with Trump or any Republican for that matter.  Before Adams got too far into the book, he did take some time to establish his politics…I guess you’d call him Libertarian-ish.

“How do I know Trump was cleverly and intentionally hogging all of the press attention—both good and bad—and not simply flailing round? We have reports that Trump told people in advance he planned to suck all the oxygen out of the race. That doesn’t mean it happened. But by the end of this book, I hope to persuade you it would be consistent with Trump’s persuasion skills.”

Scott Adams makes a compelling case that Donald Trump is a “master persuader”…perhaps the best of all time.  Adams is sure of this as he also considers himself in that circle.

“Trump is what I call a Master Persuader. That means he has weapons-grade persuasion skills. Based on my background in that field, I recognized his talents early. And after watching him in action during the election, I have to say that Trump is the most persuasive human I have ever observed.”

Again, Adams is not a Trump supporter, but his prediction was pretty solid.  Trump even survived that late in the election locker room tape with Billy Bush.  It didn’t hurt that his opponent was perhaps the worst candidate ever (my opinion).  I do appreciate his open mind on some issues, a quality that you don’t often see these days.

“The provocative things Trump said during the campaign shocked much of the country. But to New Yorkers such as me, talking in a way that sounds unnecessarily provocative—as Trump often did during the campaign—is what New Yorkers call “talking.” My claim is that it is easier for a New Yorker to understand another New Yorker than it is for a Californian to understand a New Yorker.”

I am not a New Yorker, but I had felt all along that Trump was the quintessential New Yorker…brash, unapologetic, and desiring to win.  I think that he has demonstrated a willingness to work with Democrats and never-Trumpers to get work done, essentially making a deal.  That’s not really happening.  Like him or not, he is stirring up D.C. politics which it desperately needs.

“If you are worried about Trump’s talent for leadership, this should help set your mind at ease. He hasn’t even started the job and he’s already performing better than any past president in the same phase.”

I really enjoyed this book.  Sadly Mr. Adams describes how he, at a point in the race, had to change his prediction because he and his family were receiving death threats.  He also lost most of his speaking engagements because of his prediction.  He ultimately went back to his prediction, but it is sad that there are folks who feel comfortable making death threats… cowards that they are.

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