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Whores and Prostitutes (as a metaphor)

Ben Nelson moneyThe health care legislation speeding train has been getting Americans upset for the last few weeks.  Neither the left or the right are happy as the left wants so much more from the legislation and the right just wants you to die (at least according to Florida’s Rep. Grayson).  The story over the last week centered around Nebraska’s Senator Ben Nelson who was holding out, allegedly, over issues in the legislation relating to federal funding of abortions.  The lame stream media often cast him as a man under extreme pressure and most photographs illustrated this vision.

Shortly after Senator Nelson changed his mind and decided to support the Obamacare the story about his “price” hit the wires.  The part of the deal for Nebraska that we know about exempts Nelson’s state from all Medicaid costs for a full decade at an estimated $45  million price tag.  I guess Nelson figures that most Nebraskans will feel better about voting for him since he got them such a great deal to buy his vote.  His “principled” hold out seems less so in light of the money he took for his state at the expense of the other 49.  Only time will tell if Nebraska voters will accept the bribe and re-elect Nelson.

As we all know, prostitutes sell their wares while whores give them away.  I was searching for a pertinent quote about the subject and was amused to find that when you search for quotes about these two topics you will find numerous references to politicians.  Alas I could not find one that fit this subject, but the news is filled with recent examples beyond Nelson.

While $45 million for Nebraska seems like a lot of money, it pales in comparison to the reported $ 100 million that Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd got for his state.  The payment is expected to help Dodd win re-election in what has become a tough race.  Dodd’s payment was for the construction of a hospital.  Dodd is certainly used to “VIP” treatment and this is no different.

In comparison to Louisianna’s Senator Mary Landrieu both Dodd and Nelson got a bad deal.  The cost of Landrieu’s vote was a whopping $300 million dollars and she is proud of it.  

Unofficially that is three states that are getting nearly a half a BILLION dollars from the health care legislation because their senators sold their votes.  I am not from one of those states where the Senators sold their votes.  The two democrat Pennsylvania Senators (Specter and Casey) willingly gave their votes away and Pennsylvania got nothing to show for it.  Specter abandoned his party (for at least the second time) giving Harry Reid a 60 vote majority in the Senate.  That kind of power should have been worth more than Landrieu’s $300 million. 

I think that Specter and Casey should have a change of heart and get paid for what they are doing and there are folks in 46 other states that should feel the same way. 

They should know that Obama will not buy the cow if you give him the milk for free.

The flaw in my reasoning about congressional whores and prostitutes is that when politicians “put out” WE GET SCREWED not them!  Even if one of these Democrat Senators get booted from office, they will just end up with some high-paying job as further payback .  John McCain, in one of his impassioned speeches that eluded him during his campaign, promised to expose the deals cut to pass the legislation stating that “I don’t know what the deal was, but we’ll find out what the deal was.”

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