Framing the Dialogue

Whatever It Takes!!!

The LeekMany of the great unwashed have been waiting over three years for the Affordable Care Act, affectionately known as Obamacare, to provide not only better health care, but free health care for many.  Their enthusiasm for the free stuff overwhelmed the $600,000,000.00 website that has been under design for most of those years.  Many frustrated folks have expressed concern that the website allowed them to enter all of their personal information, but when it came time to get their lower insurance quotes thinks fell apart and few were actually able to sign up.  An Obama administration official, who was not authorized to speak on the record, tried to calm those expecting free or cheap health insurance noting that “people don’t have to worry if they already set up an account and entered all of their personal and health information.  The IRS now knows all of this and will easily be able to find you.  These folks will be sure to get theirs!”

After struggling for weeks now trying to explain the shortcomings of the Obamacare website, the Administration has called in senior political advisors recently to decide how to deflect blame and somehow point to Republicans.  Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said that “it was great to be back with Barry and working hard on his political campaign.”  Perhaps as a result of the political implications of the Obamacare failures President Obama vowed that the website would be fully functional by the end of November or two full months after it should have been done correctly; “there is no excuse for this to have happened.” stated Obama, “People can rest assured that I will find someone to blame for this outside of my administration and will spend as many tax dollars as it takes to get this site to work even if we have to borrow trillions more dollars!”

And you were worried about Obamacare.

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