Framing the Dialogue

What Have You Done

Brothers Liam and Sean Dwyer both work for the Philadelphia Police Department; Liam is works in forensics and Sean is a detective.  They seemed to have recovered from a very tragic childhood where their mother fell apart after their father’s death.  When they end up knowing the victim of a brutal murder things start spiraling out of control.  Their attempts to “manage” the investigation begin to unravel and put them in a very bad light.

“With only twenty-one districts for 350 murders, you didn’t have time to be Perry Mason on every assignment.  Usually, the person who appeared to be the guilty party was in fact guilty, and the case was solved without much fanfare. Those homicides had no Hollywood flare. They were the real thing, and as with anything authentic, there was a certain percentage of the job that was mundane. This was not one of those times.”

A very well done and dark novel with some surprises by author Matthew Farrell.

“Ever since the day his mother had tried to drown him, he’d been petrified of water. He never would’ve voluntarily taken a bath. He hadn’t had a bath in twenty-seven years. Vanessa folded her arms across her chest.  “What’s going on?” she asked. “I have no idea.” “You really can’t remember how you got in there?” “I’m serious. I can’t remember anything.”

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