Framing the Dialogue

What Alice Forgot

“It had seemed like she was about to fall headfirst into all her memories but then she’d deliberately resisted it, stepped back from the edge when she really should have let herself go.  It would be far easier and less confusing if she could just remember what the hell was going on in her life.”

 In What Alice Forgot, Alice Love got a knock on her head and lost a big chunk of her life.  The novel is her experience as she goes back in time to become woman she was and is confronted by the woman she became; a woman that she may not like; a woman very different than who she thinks she is.  Alice confronts huge changes as she wanders the maze that her life has become.

This was generally not my type of book and I found that, at times, it dragged on and had me wishing author, Liane Moriarty, would get on with the inevitable occurrence of Alice’s memories returning.  I must say that I enjoyed the book and appreciated the way the author gave us the suspenseful ending…in bed.

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