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What A Difference a “D” Makes

renditionLike me, most of you who read this blog are painfully aware of the left-sided (“leaning” just seems far too light a word to use) media and their well-documented bias against the right and/or conservatives. The New York Times, the Washington Post, The L.A. Times to name a few all have very real and seemingly perpetual bias even though just once in a great while they get it right.

Unfortunately that is not what this story is about. The front page of my local paper ran a Washington Post article about the Obama administration’s recent foray using the rendition program. That program was started by Bill Clinton though mostly ignored by the press. “W” used it and the media decried the program as evidence of this Texas cowboy president. You get three guesses how the WaPo treated Obama’s use of the program and, as they say, the first two don’t count.

So President Obama gave the green light for some of our special operations forces to invade a sovereign nation (Libya), take one of their citizens (okay he was a slimeball), remove him from his country, and hold him on a U.S. Navy ship in international waters. The WaPo article was almost giddy as they report on the fact that Obama founds some cajones. Me thinks that perhaps the balls were Michelle’s or at least his that she had on ice. Someone asked Secretary of State John Kerry why the long face and he gushed;

“Our personnel in the armed forces conducted two operations in order to continue to hunt down those responsible for acts of terrorism, We hope that this makes clear that the United States of America never stops in its efforts to hold accountable those who conduct acts of terror.”

Weren’t our actions in Libya and Somalia kind of like Genghis Khan? I cannot help but shake my head on this. Oh I think that we should not be timid about entering lawless countries that are protecting our enemies. Wait that is sort of like entering Cambodia during the Vietnam War isn’t it Mr. Heinz? No surprise that when a Democrat does it everything is just fine.

“U.S. officials said both operations were lawful under war powers that Congress granted the executive branch after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorism attacks.”

I am going to stretch and say that Libya and Somalia may not agree that the actions were lawful. That is just another example of American arrogance on the part of George W. Bush…er Barack Obama.

The hypocrisy is palpable here. At least they didn’t kill the dude outright with a drone and maybe we can get some intel from him. There’s got to be some water, a towel, and board on that Navy ship.




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