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What a Bunch of…

Yahoo’s is the answer. I have a quandary. I don’t want to use Google for web searches because of their overt hypocrisy of supporting Obama, cow-towing to China and other tyrannical nations, and their “official” spin that they are somehow all about freedom for individuals. Out of habit I have tended to use Yahoo for my searches, but these folks are mind-numbingly (I don’t think that is a word) bad. I posted a “Sweet Sixteen” of Yahoo’s banners a while back so I am never surprised, but today’s banner was beyond the pale.

The day after Vice-President Joe “Banzai” Biden made TWO references to military presence in Iraq and Iran the following is Yahoo’s banner. In case you didn’t know we are NOT fighting in Iran. If we were I am sure that this White House would leak the story and dance on the grave with a “mission accomplished” banner at the next debate. And this is the guy touted by the left and their lapdog media as having gravitas on foreign affairs. So what was Ryan’s “gaffe?” It seems that Ryan, a Green Bay Packers fan, go the names of the Cleveland Browns quarterbacks mixed up. So the Republican gets mixed up about a losing team’s quarterback’s name make the big headline at Yahoo as an embarrassing gaffe while Biden gets mixes up Iran and Afghanistan it doesn’t make a headline. To quote John Stossel, “give me a break.”

Yahoo did put another of Biden’s offensive quotes in the banner when he told the audience that “the bullets are aimed at you.” Perhaps those bullets will by how Republicans put black folks “back in chains?”  At this point and after he has said sooooooo many nasty things about Republicans I think the Republicans can officially stop saying what a nice guy Biden is.  SOMEONE WHO SAYS THESE THINGS IS NOT A NICE GUY!  PERIOD!

If the polls can be believed (Only one poll counts in my mind and that one is on November 6) then the American public is following a memorable quote that I first heard on the Gomer Pyle Show. He was speaking to a shoddy salesman who sold dubious wares out of the trunk of his car;

“Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me!”

I don’t think Obama/Biden are fooling anyone but themselves anymore.

Postscript:  The last item circled is unrelated to Yahoo’s liberal slant.  It is, however, another terror attack on the United States that Obama won’t call a terror attack.  Yelling Allah Akbar while shooting unarmed Americans is a terrorist attack and not “workplace violence.”  Shave him my butt…string Hasan up!


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