Framing the Dialogue

We’re All Damaged

damaged“I don’t think you’re damaged.’  He laughs and puts his hands on the table.  A few pieces of glitter cling to his skin, which is perfect.  ‘I appreciate that,’ he says.  ‘But I absolutely am.  After the age of about…what, sixteen?  We’re all damaged.  Every single beautiful, stupid, precious one of us.  Damaged, damaged, damaged.”

In We’re All Damaged, Andy Carter escaped to New York City to hide from unpleasantness in his home state of Nebraska, but he hasn’t really escaped.  Expected to come home to visit an ailing relative he is forced to face many things he’d rather not and fears that he’ll run into the one person he still cannot stop thinking about.  Not much goes right for Andy who has a rather dysfunctional family and a mother who is being terrorized by the mafia…the gay mafia.  Help comes from an unlikely source.

This novel by Matthew Norman is actually rather light considering all of the angst and pain.  There is a lot of humor and I thoroughly enjoyed it as he took us on a journey about family, love, and friendship.  Great Book!

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