Framing the Dialogue

We Have Lost the Pelicans

Set in Great Britain sometime in the near future, We Have Lost The Pelicans, we find our “hero”, Howie, and his fiancé “heroine”, Britt, on the day before they are set to get married.  Both become part of separate adventures that threaten to interfere with their upcoming nuptials.  Howie is the spokesman for the newly elected “president” of Britain after the overthrow of the Windsor’s and Britt is an investigative reporter.

This is a light-hearted novel by Paul Matthews, about life in a world turned upside down by a revolution of sorts and competing factions looking to cause chaos.  The pelicans are just part of the scene and you’ll have to read to see what happens to these birds.

“I’ve alreadt done the necessary reconnaissance.  We have lost the pelicans.  There’s no doubt about that?”


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