Framing the Dialogue


waywardIn Blake Crouch’s second novel in the Wayward Pines series, Wayward, Ethan Burke has gone from the edge of death by neighbor to the sheriff and the one responsible for keeping order and by keeping order that means keeping folks in line.  And keeping them in line by any means necessary.  Blake is conflicted as he struggles with how he really feels working for David Pilcher in order to survive in Wayward Pines.

“I get what you’ve done here.  That you’ve preserved our existence far beyond what evolution had in mind.  But was it just for this?  So a small contingent of humanity could live in a valley under 24-7 surveillance?  Shielded from the truth?  Occasionally forced to kill one of their own?  It’s not a life, David.  It’s a prison sentence.  And you’ve made me warden.”

You obviously have to read the first book in order to “get” the second book.  This was another thrilling novel though it is unresolved at the end and necessitates the third book for some closure.

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