Framing the Dialogue


“S.O.A. [Sword of Allah] was one of the newer Muslim gangs to take power within the American prison system, after only two, maybe three years of existence in hte United States.  It was a group that had already proven itself extraordinarily capable of any atrocity.  Scary things?  Harry told him CIA estimated that total American S.O.A. prison membership already at over five thousand and climbing.  That’s five thousand suicidal terrorists sitting around in the slam every day thinking up new ways to kill Americans.”

Alex Hawke is back from the brink of self-destruction.  His royal friend needs him to stave off a monumental threat to his family and thousands of innocent civilians.  Warlord takes us into a world of terrorism that we don’t want to face, but secretly worry about…a great deal.  Ted Bell forces our eyes open to the possibilities and the horror of terrorism in this thriller.  We can question the wisdom of “giving terrorists ideas” or we can education ourselves to become more vigilant, ready, and preemptive.

For me Warlord is Bell’s most disturbing novel and his best in the Alex Hawke series.  Hawke is still the deadly, charming James Bond-like character, but has more depth in this tale.  If you are in to conspiracy theories, you’ll also like this one as Ted Bell includes a few that will wet your appetite.  I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and highly recommend it.  My only dislike is the last chapter’s tease for the next book which I generally hate.  Bell did it in an interesting way and I actually suspected this twist would happen as I bought the book.  I admit to know that the tease was coming and read it anyway.  Blast you Ted Bell and hurry with the new book.

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