Framing the Dialogue

Waking the Sleeping Giant

How many of you just let obnoxious, misleading (i.e. lies, falsehoods), arrogant comments just slide by when uttered by the left? In the interest of peace and not starting an argument most of us let things slide. We are not by nature confrontational. In essence we are the “sleeping giant.” We are MAINSTREAM AMERICA and we are generally silent with our beliefs.

“Power is the left’s ambrosia, and strife is the bowl in which it is served. The left wants power. The mainstream wants peace and quiet, and the left knows that. And so we see the Appeasement Cycle played out over and over, with each cycle wearing away our liberty and increasing the power of the left. Sure enough, the left is willing to allow us peace and quiet for a time, but at a price. The price is never very high at any one time. Just compromise on this or that, conform your behavior to their demands just a tad here and there, and they’ll quiet down and be nice – for a while.”

Authors Timothy Daughtry and Gary Casselman provide a treatise on “How Mainstream Americans Can Beat Liberals at Their Own Game.” In their book Waking the Sleeping Giant  they spend the first half of the book explaining and showing how the Left has systematically taken over, though not completely yet, American Society. They, like petulant children, prey on the fact that most of us just want to get along and do our thing. We seek peace over power and this may be our undoing.

“We are all born liberal, but most of us outgrow it. That is, we come into this world helpless and dependent. Some things feel good and we coo or laugh. Other things feel bad and we cry or scream with rage. We have no moral standards beyond our likes and dislikes. As infants, we have no sense of other people as people. They are just objects that respond to our needs, not fellow human beings with needs and rights of their own. We are the center of a world that seems to revolve around our urges and needs. The difference between the crying newborn and the adult liberal is the protest sign and list of demands. Both are saying, in essence, ‘The ruckus will go on until you do what I want you to do.’ But, of course, the newborn is too young to know any better. And newborns are cute.”

Think of an encounter with a real, hardcore liberal. If you haven’t had one personally you’ve certainly seen them on television. Doesn’t the comparison to a newborn child fit perfectly? Many of the liberals that you see on television, like newborns, cannot even articulate what it is they want. Or they have so many demands that their words become gibberish. Think of the Occupy movement. What they NEVER do, however, is give up. They don’t want peace, they want (fill in the blank) and won’t give anyone peace until they get it. Look at “gay marriage” as an example. Gays represent a very small percent of the American population (around 2%) yet they repeated drive this agenda for “marriage.” Gay couples could have civil unions tomorrow in most states, but Americans are unwilling to change the definition of marriage for same sex couples. It is not enough to get the same rights…they have to tear down the institution of marriage. There have been dozens of ballot initiatives to allow “gay marriage” and to date all have failed. BUT THE LIBERALS NEVER GO AWAY…NEVER GIVE US PEACE.

Probably like most me, most of you have tried to play nice; tried to explain why their position make no sense; why their demands will cripple our country. All to no avail. I guess that I knew all along that you just cannot argue logic with liberals when they don’t follow normal rules of debate. It is no longer sufficient or effective to use logic, proof, and examples of why their demands/ideas don’t work. They have no problem lying and calling you a liar.

Fortunately Daughtry and Casselman provide some tools to help overcome our disadvantage. We can no long go along to get along and we need to fight back. I love that the authors provided some typical dialogues to put you in the position to go after liberals using their own tools.

One such technique is “The Three Rs;” for Recognize, Reframe, and Refocus. You will need to read the book to better learn the techniques and make you comfortable. It is time to wake up and take our country back. Many have a quiet confidence that the first step in firing President Obama will happen. I am not in that camp. Many that I have spoken to won’t vote for Obama, but may not vote at all. Obama and the left win that one. And America loses.

“The strategy and tactics that we present in this book work from the assumption that our economic and political crises are merely symptoms of that deeper crisis, the weakening of our culture and our national character. We also work from a second assumption that much of America still holds to the essentials of the Judeo-Christian worldview, with its emphasis on the worth and dignity of individuals, personal responsibility, and a healthy skepticism about politicians who promise glittering new solutions to the age-old challenges of life.”

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