Framing the Dialogue

Waking Gods

Waking Gods is the second in author Sylvain Neuvel’s Themis series.  Themis being the giant “robot” discovered in pieces scattered around the globe.  The United States has control of the robot and is convinced to share the discovery and use it to protect the world.  It has become obvious that this was not made on Earth, yet the men and women who operate it have become comfortable with making it move.  Things are going well until a second robot shows up in London.

This new giant, however, appears to be a man, or shall I say is made in the image of a man. It is much more muscular than the slender feminine titan that visited London less than a year ago, perhaps taller as well. Its colour is also different, a lighter grey than the UN robot, and it is striated with yellow light, in contrast to the turquoise-veined Themis.”

World leaders know the power of one of these robots.  How will they react to a second landing in a population center?  Can the human-run Themis protect humankind from this apparent threat?  My suggestion would be that you read the first novel and this sequel to find out.  Oh and there is a third to read too.  That review coming soon.



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