Framing the Dialogue

Use of Force

It’s hard to believe that Use of Force is the SEVENTEENTH in the Scot Harvath thriller series!  And I’ve enjoyed every one of them. Harvath is still chasing terrorists and when a series of vicious attacks across the world is carried out, Harvath goes into overdrive to try to stop more from happening.  When the investigation has them confront a very old organized crime entity, the weapons and targets are getting very sophisticated as death tolls rise.

“Using the Christian churches and heavily columned archeological sites of ISIS-held territory, he had conducted experiment after experiment.  And while the structural DNA of the sites continued to elude him, something more dramatic was revealed.  With each test, they learned how to build better bombs.  In particular, their martyrdom vests took a huge leap forward.”

I think many share and fear this thought;

“While the President respected those American voices that disagreed with his position, he could already see over the horizon.  He could see what was coming if the United States didn’t act.  Like Israelis, Americans would find themselves in a state of constant siege.  Beached, restaurants, trains, buses, night clubs, grocery stores, schools, playgrounds, dog parks, movie theatres, sporting events, parades, shopping malls, even the places where they worshipped, nothing would be off limits.”

As usual, author Brad Thor delivered another page-turner.

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