Framing the Dialogue

Update – With Friends Like These

A few days ago I posted a number of comments by Obama’s “friends that were less than complimentary.  At the end I purposefully left off the thousands and thousands of gaffes by his running mate and the guy next in line to the presidency, Joe Biden.  I shouldn’t be surprised that even Joe couldn’t find a way to force me to use him in the post.  IT IS EXTREMELY SCARY THAT THIS LOOSE-TONGUED IDIOT IS THE VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.  He is like an overdone SNL skit though all SNL skits are almost always overdone.  I have to grudgingly admit that the new teeth and hair look better than the old Joe.  You can put new hair and teeth on a pig, but it is still Joe Biden.

Politics aside, Obama needs to keep him under wraps or at least send him on an “important trip” to say Pakistan.  Here’s Joe…

Although I just might agree with him…except for the day he got bin Laden. It is odd that Obama doesn’t use that achievement more in his campaign.

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