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Update – True American Hero – Lord Christopher Monckton

Lord MoncktonUpdate – Lord Christopher Monckton has gotten some attention at least on Fox News and other balanced media outlets.  I am still impressed with his love of United States and his passion for pulling back the curtains to expose the man made global warming (AKA climate change) schemes.  Al Gore has still managed to avoid debating anyone of stature and most recently several liberals have suggested Sarah Palin as an adversary.  I love Sarah Palin, but she is not the person I want to put up against Gore. 

It sickens me that liberals always try to set the rules and the terminology.  I do not want Newt, Sarah, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Karl Rove, or even Rush debating Gore.  I want Monckton and I want him now! (to debate Al Gore)

My friends at I Hate The Media (still the best name of any web site) posted this video of Lord Monckton as he debated a Greenpeace demonstrator in Copenhagen.  Lord Monckton is very deferential to the woman and provided her plenty of rope.  I love the look on her face as she realizes the triviality of her views.  Now imagine that the woman is actually Al Gore.  I would actually pay to see that debate.  I would not pay Gore, but the money could go to some non man-made global warming charity and they would have to spend the money on real stuff like food and clothing and not for anyone to plant trees.

I think we all need to thank Lord Monckton and his guerrilla warriors fighting against the Natural Climate Change Deniers.  I wish there was a way to let them know that we are listening and watching.

Remember we surround them!

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