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Update – Pale In Comparison

For some reason I happened to open the “fanfare” section of my local paper.  This is where our self-described beautiful people primp and pose at various high society events.  I do occasionally peruse looking for any name that I may recognize, but unless they are sports celebrities (or their spouses) the names are unknown to me.  I guess that I run in lower circles.  Within this section was “This Just In” that contains media short pieces.  It’s kind of like an unsexy People section about stuff most folks don’t care about.  A tidbit caught my eye as Sarah Palin’s name was highlighted in the body of the story.

“If there’s a place in this world for the controversial TV personality next door, it’s TLC, home of Sarah Palin, the polygamist Sister Wives — and now, Ted Haggard.  ‘Ted Haggard: Scandalous,’ a one-hour reality project starring the Christian evangelical minister who’s been trying to rebuild his marriage and family since he was caught having an affair with a male prostitute.”

I cannot think of a better example of how the left-wing media complex treats those it dislikes or is threatened by.  Sarah Palin is the quintessential whipping girl.  Here we have the former Republican Vice Presidential candidate  compared to a male prostitute-loving former preacher and a bunch of polygamists.  I am only surprised that they didn’t take a shot at Mitt Romney as I believe the Sister Wives are Mormon.  The disrespect is glaring.  Perhaps she brought it on herself by participating in a reality series, but I think that her series was different.  Having only watched one episode on which to base my opinion, the Palin show was more of a series of commercials making me want to visit Alaska even more.  In fact she did not look much like the “Mama Grizzly” that she purports to be. 

One of the last things that I do to complete a post (after spell check) is to search for illustrations.  While I think Google is run by left-leaning people, their image search is usually pretty good.  As I typed “S-a-r-a-h-P-a-l-i-n” Google always have a drop down box to prompt you.  The screen shot to the left is what popped down as I searched for a photograph of Palin.  We all know that Google manipulates what comes up when you search.  We know that they can be bought as the White House did to offer an Obamacare-friendly site with the “Obamacare” search term.  Nothing wrong with Google earning money that way, but I don’t like my tax dollars used that way.

Once again Gov. Palin needs to stay out front as conservatives try to take back America from progressives…just not on the ticket.

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