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Update – One To Watch

A little over two weeks ago I wrote, excitedly, about a potential Republican candidate for president in 2012.  Jon Huntsman had resigned as Ambassador to China and started an exploratory committee to seek the GOP nomination.  Huntsman seems to have the right credentials for a Republican nod, but a few on the right are already criticizing both his cozy ties with Obama and China.  I have pretty much given up on having another Ronald Reagan at the helm of the Republican Party and because I live in Pennsylvania with its late primary election date, the candidates are usually chosen.  Huntsman or perhaps more for me his father seemed a likely middle ground.

Conservatives seem to get too caught up in the social issues when deciding on a candidate.  Social issues are important to me too, but when the economy is in the toilet and gas prices are near $4.00 per gallon the main issue for me is the economy.  If government spending and printing of money and inflation and debts and deficits are not reversed then it really doesn’t matter how socially conscious we are as we will not be able to afford ANYTHING.  We have gotten to the point were we should be worrying about having/affording education rather than worry about diversity classes and social justice.  Those are components of an affluent society; an affluent society that is rapidly receding from the mainstream in the United States. 

Again Huntsman seemed like a strong candidate with a great background, good looking, articulate until…Until his speech to the graduating class at Southern New Hampshire University where he urged that,

“If we Americans remain civil to each other, we can deal with our problems, including the debt crisis that is hanging over us.  After the shooting in Tucson when Rep. Giffords was injured, we talked seriously about civility. Many Republicans and Democrats even sat together at the State of the Union.”

Civility is a noble goal and plays well to the media, however, I am looking for a candidate who is more concerned about winning and reversing the direction of America than he is about civility.  We tried civility with McCain and to a large extent George W. Bush and that got us Obama.  I don’t need more civility from the Republicans while Obama and the left use their entire, uncivil playbook to scare minorities, senior citizens, and the vast majority of under-informed masses.  Dems continue the stereotype that Republicans are all for the rich and damned with the rest of us.  Let’s leave civility for the cocktail parties and bring out the big sticks for this campaign.  I’d much rather have a Chris Christie than a Mitt Romney/Jon Huntsman.  I am disappointed.  It is not longer acceptable to be the civil one in the debate when the opposition echos the same words, but whose actions speak louder and certainly far less civil.

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