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Update – Mad Hatter

A local middle and high school had to be evacuated yesterday.  Nearly 2,000 students, faculty and officials were forced out of the school and sent to the local football field and they were later sent home.  Two students and three custodians had to be decontaminated and hazardous materials responders had to be brought in.

If you read the original post you probably guessed that mercury was somehow involved and it obviously was leaked.  I seems that a student broke…drum roll please…a thermometer.  I bet you thought that the student broke a CFL bulb.

Let’s recap.  A student broke a thermometer, the school had to be evacuated, hazardous materials responders had to be called, five people were “decontaminated,” and 2,000 people had their day upturned.  Did I mention that a student broke a thermometer?

The local news stations had a field day with this one.  Lots of teasers and drama and pictures of emergency response vehicles.  I am sure there were interviews with concerned parents.  Did I mention that a student broke a thermometer? 

My guess is that Pennsylvania lawmakers will take up this serious issue and ban thermometers.

You can read the original post here.

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