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Update – Hypocrisy

My original post dealt more with the political side of hypocrisy primarily because of the season in an important mid-term election.  The main problem that I had with the post was to keep it focuses with all of the hypocrisy out there.  Two recent items screamed for inclusion under hypocrisy.

The first is when National Public Radio (“NPR”) fired one of their liberal comentators because of remarks that he made about being apprehensive upon getting on an airplane and seeing multiple muslim-garbed men also on board.  The CEO of NPR shockingly further slurred Juan Williams in an interview suggesting that his comments should be kept “between him and his psychiatrist or his publicist.”  I have no love for the opinions of liberals like Juan Williams but he, like a broken clock, gets it right once in a while.  He is clearly not extreme in his progressive views, just wrong most of the time.  Unfortunately for those of us on the right (and in the right) we’ll be seeing more of Williams on Fox News, where his employment is widely believed to be a factor in his NPR firing. 

 The timing of his ouster is interesting as the White House backed by Democrats, competitive media, and George Soros have been attacking Fox News.  The billionaire Soros has only recently made some very public donations to NPR and other left-winged organizations who seem to focus efforts on bringing down conservative voices.  Perhaps it is just a coincidence, but Glenn Beck has provided quite a paper trail (the paper of course has a lot of green) if you want to read more.

The second was a vidoe about one of Hollywood’s biggest names, biggest voices for the left, biggest champion of the planet, and as it turns out one of the biggest HYPOCRITS……

Do as I say not as I do…

You may read the original post here.

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