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Update – Hubris (hew – bris)

Update July 14, 2009 – With the start of hearings for the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Sonya Sotomayor, the hubris was on display.  Contrast the behavior and words of leading Democrats as they smooth the way for Obama’s nominee.  Apparently Judge Sotomayor is “the most experienced Supreme Court nominee in 100 years.”  No word about how many times her rulings were overturned (Answer is 60% overturned).  Maybe that is what make her so experienced.  After all we learn more from our mistakes.

The Republicans are no better as they look for ways to scuttle her nomination.  Look back to the nominations of Samuel Alito or John Roberts when they were doing everything in their power to push those through.  The only difference is that the GOP know that they have to be careful with their comments as the mainstream media is poised to paint them as racist.  She is after all a Latina woman in case you had not caught that fact.  It may be the only thing recently mentioned more than Michael Jackson’s name.

Try to guess which of these comments by Sen. Patrick Leahy were made for Sotomayor, Alito, or Roberts”

“a judge for all Americans. a justice for all Americans.  Let no one demean this extraordinary woman,” 

“I know the judge probably thinks he’s doing nothing here but being on the hot seat but we’re talking about a lifetime appointment.”

“This is not about competence.  This is a whole issue about ideology. If someone comes in with an agenda, as an activist judge, as someone who his supporters has suggested he will be, then he shouldn’t be there.”

“There is no entitlement to confirmation for lifetime appointments on any court for any nomination by a president.”

“I was concerned that he would not act as an effective check on the abuse of presidential power.”

“committed to the law…not to ideology”

Are you as tired of politicians as I am?

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