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Update – Groundswell…Yes MSM It’s True

Obama Bumper StickerUpdate:  For some maybe people’s voices are best expressed on their car windows.  A while back I posted about being a conservative working in the environmental field.  An office dominated by left-people is a very unusual place to work.  Over the years, a number of us conservatives have found each other, but we keep it on the down low.  Imagine my surprise when I saw this bumper sticker on a colleague’s car. 

This is not a baby step in our parking lot; it is a leap!  Maybe it’s even a groundswell.  Could it be that citizens are becoming disillusioned with the President?  Could they be tired of the direction he is taking our country?  Could they be tired of the constant fawning by the media?  Could they tired of his seemingly constant campaigning?

Rasmussen conducts a Presidential Tracking Poll indexing President Obama’s “strongly disapprove” versus “strongly approve” from voters.  It seems that while 26 percent of voters strongly approve of Obama’s performance, 39 percent strongly disapprove giving him a negative 13 Presidential Approval Index (please note that the results of this poll changes frequently).  This marks the first time that Obama has had a double digit negative rating for seven weeks in a row.  It should be noted that Obama has only been in office for about 39 weeks and has had nearly slobbering coverage from the main stream media. 

As you would expect, Republican voters are 66 percent strongly disapprove while 50 percent of Democrats strongly approve.  The more telling statistic is that 42 percent of unaffiliated voters strongly disapprove of his performance.  

That is a groundswell.

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