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Update – Finally We Hear From Industry On Healthcare

Update September 10, 2009:  The original posting was about the co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey, speaking out about the health care debate.  Mr. Mackey made the serious mistake of offering very practical (and practiced by Whole Foods) solutions to some of the problems with America’s health care.  He did not do as most on the left do and blindly spew the tenants of Obamacare.  Big Mistake.

Whole Foods is a market that offers only organic foods and has a commitment to all things green.  You will find no Twinkies Spam on their shelves.  Whole Foods had been worshiped by the left as a testament to “sustainable,” organic lifestyle.  It was the anti-WalMart.  The operative word is “was.”

Soon after Mr. Mackey offered his experienced advice on some things that could improve our health care system, many on the left went nuts (I know that is redundant).  Former devotees launched web sites dedicated to boycotting the organic market.  All of a sudden Whole Foods became a “bad” corporation.

This behavior of the left amazes me.  Just because someone has the guts to offer an opposing view, they are excoriated.  I can almost understand that they do it to folks on the right, but they often are more brutal to their own.  The Whole Foods boycott attempt is a prime example.  Another example was author Michael Crichton.  The story is that while researching a book on global warming, he found that much of the “science” behind the man-made global warming was not really scientific at all. 

His book State of Fear actually became a novel about how environmentalists use climate fear to gain political power.  Crichton’s book combines the suspense that we expect from one of his novels with a generous helping of footnotes documenting his findings.  The story is that after publication, Mr. Crichton was less welcomed in the celebrity community and paid a dear price for expressing his beliefs that were contrary to leftist orthodoxy.  This link is to a great speech by Michael Crichton.

On the left orthodoxy trumps truth.

Fortunately, the main stream media no longer has a stranglehold on the news.  It seems that the left’s push to punish Whole Foods may be backfiring.  While the left works to boycott, others are promoting a “buycott” to support Mr. Mackey’s support for free market principles.  Fox News recently reported:

“the boycott has fizzled. There is no evidence that this has hurt the company. If you look at the stock price, it’s been pretty local. It hasn’t hurt the stock. If you look at the company’s sales, they’re not down. And in fact, as you just heard, and a lot of stores the sales are up.  And so there is no evidence right now that this is hurt the company. In fact I got an e-mail that was sent to a friend of mine — I know John Mackey a little bit, and John basically said, you know what, this was actually turned out to be good publicity for company, and in fact were doing better than ever now. “

This has become a very uplifting story for me.  I love to see business leaders speak up for the free market and overcome the expected lashing out from the socialist left.  Hopefully this will embolden other leaders to weigh in on future debates.  I am still waiting for Obama’s friend Warren Buffet to drop the pretense and blast socialist policies.  He has teetered near the brim of criticizing Obamanomics, but has not quite jumped in.  I believe that Buffet would like to speak his mind, but for some reason is holding back.

Come on Warren.  Let us hear from you too.

You can read the original post here.

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