Framing the Dialogue

Update – Fair Trial

Surprise surprise the jury found George Zimmerman NOT GUILTY.  I am not one of the pundits who’ll lament the trajedy that a young man lost his life and another man’s life is ruined.  That’s been said ad nauseum over the past 24 hours.  I think the next 12 months are going to be interesting as the now innocent Zimmerman goes after the media and celebrities who have slandered him.  The folks who have called for his death.  Those who still “tweet” that justice was not served.  Neither celebrities, sports “stars,” nor the media has a right to defame George Zimmerman and when they did he has a right to take them to court.  He certainly shares some of the blame for what happened that night, but he shouldn’t have been portrayed as a public enemy.

So as the race-baiting poverty pimps try to work up the “no justice, no peace” crowd [they actually mean kill crackers] over the tragic death of a black teen they somehow ignore a really big fact.  NEARLY 600,000 black babies have been aborted between the shooting and the verdict (514 days).  The post asked a simple question; Where’s the outrage?

Back to Zimmerman…Hopefully his very good lawyers are now going to get him some money; lots of money so that he can move with his family to a safe place.  This video from his lawyer is a good summation of the case;

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