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Update – A Rough Pitch

My last post chronicled how the Pittsburgh Pirates, a team with EIGHTEEN STRAIGHT losing seasons, were forced through arbitration to give pitcher Ross Ohlendorf a nearly 400 percent raise even though he was often hurt and only compiled a 1 win versus 11 loss season.  In Pittsburgh the Steelers’ season is over so football, the city’s favorite sport, until the NFL draft.  The Penguins are limping so badly with injuries that their season is on the brink of collapse.  They still enjoy strong fan support and are exciting to watch in anticipation of Sidney Crosby’s return (hopefully).  Other than college basketball, hoops is not a big sport in the town.

You would think that this would be a prime time for the Pittsburgh Pirates to build some positive press.  Training camp is not too far away and it is the only time of year that the Pirates are equal to all of the other major league teams.  The picture accompanying this post is of a Pirates’ advertisement in today’s paper.  Conspicuous about the advertisement is the fact that it doesn’t feature what should be their main product…baseball players.  No picture of their $2,000,000.00 man Ross Ohlendorf or even their best player, Andrew McCutchen.  The two photographs and most of the ad is trying to attract “fans” to more favorable components, namely bands like Train (that one may actually get me to go to a game) and the annual appearance by The Steve Miller Band.  Another big attraction, though not mentioned in the advertisement, is fireworks.  Living close to America’s premiere fireworks artists the Zambellis, Pittsburghers are in love with the fiery displays.

I am not sure how I would feel if I were a Pirate player and my team featured off-the-field activities to attract fans.  I guess as long as the players and owner are making loads of money none of them really care. 

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  1. Greg says:

    This story was e-mailed to me by a friend:

    I went to the game last year to see the SMB [Steve Miller Band]( I highly recommend going to see them by the way), I don’t remember who the pirates were playing.
    The Buccos were getting bombed (maybe 7-2), it started to rain in the 7th inning; not a hard rain at all, but they postponed the game. After about a 20 min delay play resumed for about 1/2 an inning and again….little bit of rain…delay. Finally they re-started the game and the Pirates were forced to complete the game in a drizzle….most of the fans including me didn’t return to the seat but waited under cover for SMB. The band came out and played 3 songs and it started to POUR. The covered their equipment, nobody left the seats, and SMB played in a downpour for at least another 30-40 minutes completing the concert. At one point someone came on stage, spoke to Steve Miller, and afterwards he announced “They want me to stop playing due to rain; we aren’t leaving this damn stage”

    SMB can play in the rain, but the Pirates couldn’t…pretty much sums up our baseball team.

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