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Update 4 – A Rough Pitch

The Pirates did the unthinkable in July and actually sat atop of the National League Central Division…for about a day. There was actually a buzz in Pittsburgh with our baseball team doing good things this late in the season. They promptly went on a 10 game losing streak. I had the pleasure of attended when they got blown out by the lowly San Diego Padres 13-2. Not a great game to watch, but it was really hot and humid too. The organization did, however, provide some entertainment as the group Train played a set and we were treated to Zambelli fireworks.

The Pirates’ news is rather mixed at this point in the season:

  • They are 13 games out of first place in perhaps one of the weakest divisions.
  • They are 5 games under 0.500 and are looking more like they’ll “achieve” the ignominious 19th losing season in a row.
  • They just spent a butt load of money on some mid-season help which shows that perhaps they don’t mind spending some money. Their impact has not exactly translated into wins.
  • They just spent a butt load of money signing their draft picks including the first overall pick. The bad news is that their impact may not be felt for several years.
  • They may not bring up $2 million dollar pitcher, Ross Ohlendorf, until September when teams are allowed to have expanded rosters. Ross’ mega pay hike was the inspiration for the original post due to the seeming disparity between the his big pay hike and his on-field productivity. It perhaps says a lot when a $2 million dollar pitcher coming off an injury cannot make it on to a ball club with a losing record.

So with more bad news than good what do you suppose the Pirate organization decided to do? Right they are raising ticket prices. It was explained that they had not raised prices in years. I understand, but they have not fielded a winning team in 18, almost 19 years.

You may read the last update here.

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