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Update 3 – Liberal Alters – Unions

One of the typical accusations about labor union leaders is that they no longer really represent their members and pursue their own agendas…agendas that most of their members do not support even to the extreme of advocating a socialist or even communist viewpoint regarding collective bargaining.  There can be no denying that labor unions spend hundreds of millions of dollars collected from members to support Democrat candidates that push for stronger union control of labor markets.  When union members voluntarily give their pay to union bosses that is free choice.  However when workers, like myself, are force to pay a “fair share” to unions to which we do not wish to belong that should be illegal.  My earnings are taken from my pay, given to unions, and often given to the very politicians who forced me to pay the unions.  They didn’t make me join, but they take a percentage of my pay without my approval. 

I recently read a book, Spy Catcher, written by a retired senior officer of Britain’s intelligence service, MI5.  Peter Wright spent a major portion of his career hunting spies within his agency and the British government and his greatest foe was the KGB and communist Russia.  Mr. Wright noted a change in tactics in the way the communists were attacking the West.  It was through labor unions and liberal political parties rather than their opposite spy agencies,

“In 1972 he told me that Heath had been appalled at a recent Cabinet meeting, which was addressed by Jack Jones and Hugh Scanlon, the two powerful trade union bosses of the early 1970s.  ‘Ted thought they talked like Communists,’ he said ‘I asked F Branch if they had anything, but of course they’ve got nothing substantial.’  He knew from gossip that the recent Czech defectors were providing material about trade union and Labor Party subversion, and began pumping me for the details.”

I may be a natural progression for labor unions to move toward socialism/communism as nations pass and enforce employment laws, laws that take away much of the need for collective bargaining.  Most large corporations are beginning to recognize the value of keeping good employees.  The following are some quotes from leaders of the current big labor unions and see if you can detect a hint of socialism,

“we need to fundamentally restructure our economy and re-establish popular control over the private corporations which have distorted our economy and hijacked our government.”

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumpka

“Not only did the campaigning take place from union halls et cetera, et cetera, but this time, as, uh, Trumka told us when he was in Chicago, they began with the nuts and bolts a’ building independent labor campaign organizations in specific five key cities around the country, of which Chicago was one.”

Communist Party USA Labor Commission Chairman, Scott Marshall discussing a working relationship with AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka.

“And at this moment, the labor movement is working to give voice to the justified anger of the American people. We need help…Working people want an American economy that creates good jobs, where wealth is fairly shared…But we must do much more to restore broadly shared prosperity.”

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumpka

 “Unions are also the wings for our communities and for our entire way of life, because we help guarantee a level of prosperity for everyone, because we fight the abuse of corporate power, and because we provide a real voice for workers in politics…we will continue to spread them wide on behalf of good jobs, fairness and economic and social justice.”

Former AFL-CIO President John Sweeney and member of Democrat Socialists of America

“We grew up in that culture. In the ’30s, people didn’t want us to exist. We had to do sit-down strikes . . . we had socialist and communist tendencies. We grew up, to speak in Marxist terms, in a world with a lot more class struggle.”

Former SEIU President Andy Stern

“Because workers of the world unite, it’s not just a slogan anymore.”

Former SEIU President Andy Stern

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