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Update 3 – A Rough Pitch

I had not planned for this to be a series, but somehow this story, like the Pirates themselves, just won’t go away. First of all congratulations to the Pirates for a great series against the powerful Boston Red Sox as they won two out of three games, taking the series. They are now one game over 0.500 after playing 77 games which is by far their best showing in years. There are actually 15 teams with worse winning percentages than the Pirates. I cannot say that Pittsburgh has caught Pirate fever, but even some local broadcasters have begun speaking about them in more positive terms. After 18 losing seasons in a row we are getting excited, somewhat, to have a “winning” team this late in the season. Oh and the Pirates are only four games back from the division leading Milwaukee.

So what about our $2 Million pitcher, Ross Ohlendorf? So far he has started two games for a total of 8.2 innings, has given up 7 earned runs and has not lost a game…he hasn’t won one either. Mr. Ohlendorf has been on the Pirates 60-day Disabled List and has not pitched since his first two outings in early April. The most recent update was in yesterday’s Pittsburgh Post Gazette where the Pirates were,

“being ultra-conservative with Ross, but everything’s going fine.”

I don’t claim to understand the rehab schedule procedures, but Ohlendorf is pitching “simulated” games in Florida hoping to get to 60 -75 pitches before the clock starts on further rehab. It sounds like he’ll be unavailable for more than the 60 days. I don’t mean to make light of his injury, but the original post was in response to the drastic increase in salary for a pitcher with a losing record and a history of being injured.

You can read the original post here.

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