Framing the Dialogue

Update 2 – Harbingers of Spring

I woke up this morning to a snow-covered lawn and car windows that need scraped.  So much for harbingers of spring.  I should have known that winter had not quite let go as a frequent guest at our feeder, the dark-eyed junco, is still here.  The junco actually winters here and they were at the feeder yesterday.  It is truly spring when I no longer see them.  I did observe a pair of chickadees checking out a nest box that I built in our yard.  A pair raised two broods last year.

I ran across my last harbinger (not the last one that I’ll see, but the last one that I will post about) while walking along a stream.  This is actually part of my job.  How cool is that?  This plant actually begins blooming in the winter and I have photos of it peeking through the snow.  This photograph was the one that I shot this morning.  The plant is called skunk cabbage and the reddish part next to the green sprout is actually the dying flower.  It looks like cabbage when grown and has a distinctive scent.   

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