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Update 2 – A Rough Pitch

Pirate "ace" Kevin Correia

I know that it’s still spring training for the Pirates, but I nearly veered off of the road yesterday when I heard the stats for Pirates’ starting pitcher and $2 million dollar man, Ross Ohlendorf.  In his last outing Ohlendorf started, pitched a little over four innings, gave up six runs on 9 hits (including three home runs) for an Earned Run Average of 10.05.  No one can doubt his optimism,

“Still not as good as I’d like to be, but I still thought it was better than last time. I’ve been up in the zone too much. I know I’m overthrowing some. That’s a big part of it.”

Perhaps it’s more fantasy or massive understatement.  He gets paid $2 million a year and gives up three homeruns in four innings and it’s “not as good as I’d like to be.”  WOW!

Mr. Ohlendorf will not be the Pirates opening day pitcher this year as they have signed a new, hot player from the Giants.  Kevin Correia was signed to a two year, $8 million dollar deal which is not bad for a man who had an average ERA of 4.57 and a record of 36 wins against 45 losses over the last three years.  That’s very nearly a 500 record so well worth $4 million a year.

Can you say “nineteen losing seasons” in a row?

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