Framing the Dialogue

Update 1 – Fat, Drunk, and Stupid

This is the second year in a row that my wife convinced me to go somewhere that I really didn’t want to go and it again involved the group Train.  This time instead of the opening act for John Mayer, Train played after a Pittsburgh Pirate home game against the San Diego Padres.  The Pirates had been fairly hot and recently even had first place in the division.  I have never really been a big baseball fan, but I do enjoy going to the ballpark.  I should say used to as it’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a game.  It may stem, at least partially, from the fact that I had a brief stint as one of poor souls who cleaned up after ball games.  I was in high school and I think I lasted two or three home stands.  If I close my eyes I can still conjure up the odor of stale beer, peanut shells, and damp popcorn.  Brrrrrrrr.

As we prepared for the trip to the Burgh, we found out that the Batman movie was filming at Heinz Field all day so parking was going to be tricky.  We also found out that they were going to be finishing shooting right around when the Pirate game started.  Actually our trip in was fairly uneventful.  I parked across the river (“only” $20.00) and we had a nice walk to PNC Park, met up with my son, and went to our seats.  I no sooner sat down than two idiots behing me started screaming.  They were obviously drunk and stupid (neiter appeared to be fat).  The game had not even started, yet they were, in my opinion a little over the top, but they paid.  Unfortunately for me we were in a general admission area that was full so there was no place to go.  I felt rather trapped, it was hot, it was humid, I really don’t like crowds, and I had two drunks behind me.  The makings of a great evening, right?

I didn’t feel like I could say anything to the drunk bros, but it didn’t take long for them to cross the line and drop some F-Bombs.  There were younger kids around and my daughters were there too.  Someone said something to the dolt about swearing, but he brushed it off with “they’ve probably heard it before.”  That’s when I turned around and suggested that I didn’t want to hear it again and I certainly did not want to have it said in front of my daughters.  I firmly asked for their cooperation.  They were more subdued after that.  I think it was more that their drunk was wearing off than my admonition. 

I wish that I could say that the game got better, but…

  • It was late in the game the Pirates were down by 12 and the pitcher was taking his time as if it was close game.
  • A Pirate pitcher gave up a Grand Slam w/two out by guy w/ 0.105 batting avg.
  • Even the drunks stopped yelling
  • Now up to 8 losses in row
  • Did I mention that it was really hot and humid?

The game dragged on and I wondered why the MLB doesn’t have a 10 run rule.  There was no way that the Pirates were coming back and at some point everybody really just wanted to see Train and the fireworks.  The Pirate organization has become masterful and filling the stadium with gimmicks.  This game was sold out primarily because of Train and the fireworks.  Unlike the baseball players, Train was very entertaining and the fireworks were spectacular.  We love our fireworks in Pittsburgh.  I think that we have a fantastic skyline in the Burgh to act as a backdrop.  The set fireworks off of barges in the river, there were fireworks from one of the bridges, they had some set up on the field, and they even had some really cool ones set off from the top of the skyscrapers.  That show was enough to mostly drown out the exceedingly poor play of the Pirates baseball team.

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