Framing the Dialogue

Up Jumps the Devil

“The guests were always different, and always kind of the same. They might be rich or poor. They were always surprised by the lights and cameras. They always seemed a little scared of John Scratch, whom they recognized because, like everyone, they had seen his show. His wonderful, terrible show…’Hand me those napkins,” he said, coughing blood. “I’m trying not to bleed on the leather.” He’d been shot before. In fact, there were very few things that had not happened to him, because John Scratch really was the Devil. The actual Devil. In a limo with Jenna Steele, a bag of Mexican weed, and six bullets in him.”

I am just not sure how to describe Up Jumps the Devil written by Michael Poore.  Perhaps “The Life and Times of The Devil?”  At first I wasn’t sure that the main character was the actual devil…he is.  Most of the novel takes place in more recent times, but the reader is taken back to various points in history.  My favorite is when the devil ends up fighting for the Confederates at Gettysburg, Pa.  This story is not an all “the devil is evil” kind of book.  El diablo is portrayed in a more human way and many times you will feel for his pain and his disappointment in humanity.  This is not a satanic book in any way shape or form.  Maybe this is his side of all of the stories that you’ve heard.

I found this to be very entertaining.

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