Framing the Dialogue


A drive in the evening puts an elderly couple in a rural area when the husband hits something.  Thinking of a wild animal, the stop the car to check.  A naked body is what they find and the damage from them hitting her is the least of her problems.  Will Trent, the troubled Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) finds himself attracted to the case much to the dismay of the local police.  The novel is laced with friction between GBI and the local police to the point where it should be criminal.  When another woman goes missing things heat up.  Is she the next victim?

“Will drove to the scene of the car accident in Faith Mitchell’s Mini, his shoulders slumped, the top of his head pressed tightly against the roof of the car. He hadn’t wanted to waste any time trying to get the seat adjusted—not when he had taken Faith to the hospital and especially not now that he was driving to the scene of one of the most horrific crimes he’d ever seen. The car was holding its own on the back roads as he traveled down Route 316 at well over the posted speed limit. The Mini’s wide wheelbase hugged every curve, but Will backed off the gas as he got farther away from the city. The trees thickened, the road narrowed, and he was suddenly in an area where it was not uncommon for a deer or possum to wander onto the road.”

Another “WOW” from Karin Slaughter, bringing in three of her main characters in this novel.  What a great mix.  Non-stop action as the story unfolds and we hold our breath to see who will survive.

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