Framing the Dialogue

Unbelievable Unconscionable Unconstitutional

A sampling of yesterday’s headlines:

Judge strikes down health care law

Judge: Obama Health Care Unconstitutional

Virginia judge rules health care mandate unconstitutional

Big legal setback for Obama’s health care overhaul

Bush-Appointed Judge Rules Key Parts of Obama’s Health Care Reform Law Unconstitutional

Barack Obama suffers latest blow as part of health care law deemed unconstitutional

The Constitution Nixes Obama’s Health Care Reform Plan

Cantor Calls for Direct Appeal to Supreme Court

New Low in Support for Health Care Reform

It is still far too soon to gloat and there are many hurdles yet to jump, but it really feels good to see our system work for us rather than against us.  No matter how you look at the decisionon a key provision of Obamacare it was a devastating blow when the “individual mandate” was deemed unconstitutional.  In other words, the federal government cannot force you buy health insurance or fine you when you don’t.  It is funny that Obama/Pelosi/Reid tried to sell this using the “there are no new taxes” tactic to get the law enacted, yet when it was pointed out that their only authority to force people to buy was to “tax” them.  The federal judge would not let them have it both ways as the Virginia Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli argued successfully.

John Fund noted in the Wall Street Journal how far the popularity of Obamacare has dropped (I’d like to note that it wasn’t all that popular to begin with) and how the White House is sweating this decision.  Many believe that there are at least twenty other states considering similar lawsuits.  The road ahead look dimmer for Obamacare as the new Republican-led House of Representatives seems to have dream of repeal dancing in their heads.  I don’t doubt that they’ll try, but that probably won’t work as well as their alternative plan to deny funding for key components.

Elections have consquences. 

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