Framing the Dialogue

Twist and Turn

Tim Tigner’s Twist and Turn is the fourth in the Kyle Achilles series.  With Katya at his side, Achilles races against time to foil another fiendish plot.

“Strain as I might, I heard nothing beyond my own biology—and the breathing of others. Not a sound. No passing cars or chirping crickets. No humming appliances or rustling leaves. Beyond the breathing, my auditory world was also dead. But the breathing was enough, enough to know that my system was online, while somehow, some way, the rest of the world was turned off.”

Imagine waking up not knowing where you are or why you’ve been placed in the dark in the rescue position and the person you love most nearby in a similar state.  You really have no memory of what happened.  You were about to do something significant in your life and don’t recall whether you actually did it.  It turns out that you were in the wrong place at the wrong time and be required to use all of your ability to rescue the one you love AND the United States.

“No worries, though. Whatever arrangement we end up with here will only be temporary.” As Achilles spoke, Katya saw steel in his eyes. She knew then and there that her captors were doomed.”

A typical day for Mr. Achilles, except that he becomes the number one suspect in this page turner by Tim Tigner.  I am loving this series and the chemistry between Achilles and Katya.  Read this book.

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