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Someone at I Hate The Media compiles a list of Fred Thompson’s top ten tweets each week.  The former presidential candidate is rather funny as he addresses hot topics in today’s political world.  I actually had higher hopes for his candidacy, but he didn’t seem to get any traction in the media as they chose Sen. John McCain as the Republican candidate.  While their candidate, BHO, won the presidency their plan backfired as McCain gave conservatives a wonderful spokesperson in Palin and Obama’s lurch toward big government socialism gave birth to the TEA Party.

Not all of Thompson’s tweets are teriffic, but here are some of my favorite;

  • SCOTUS: jailed felons do NOT have right to vote. Dems should be worried. Next they might rule dead people can’t vote, either. [SCOTUS = Supreme Court]
  • Obama fan throws book at President during PA rally. Obama ignored it. Must’ve thought it was copy of the Constitution.
  • Woodward: 2012 Obama-Clinton ticket “on the table” Oh come on… does anyone actually believe Obama would make a good VP?
  • Biden:will “strangle” next Republican to talk about balanced budget. Empty threat. He’d have to stop strangling economy to do it.
  • With unemployment being extended another 13 months, is it maybe time to just start calling it welfare?
  • Study: 25% of Gitmo releasees return to terrorism. Obama reportedly “troubled” by their 75% unemployment rate.
  • UN seeks global ban on incandescents. Answers question: “How many bureaucrats does it take to screw up a light bulb?”
  • Survey: DC only #3 on smartest city list. Might’ve been #1 if they’d done the survey while Congress was still out of town.
  • New Obama kids book features short biographies of 13 Americans. Must’ve been hard to not write about himself 13 times in a row.
  • Bill Maher: “America’s like a dog”. Yup, Dems know. if you kick it long enough, it’ll turn around and bite you.
  • Obama at G20 predicts members will reach “a broad-based consensus”. He was right. They all agree Obama’s economic policies stink
  • Jimmy Buffet: oil spill Bush’s fault. Why trust his opinion? He can’t even keep track of a shaker of salt.
  • Biden:election message was Americans want “compromise”. No, message was “you stop spending, & we’ll put down the tar & feathers”

and perhaps my favorite:

  • Obama to spend ANOTHER $50B on top of failed stimulus. If he walked into a wall, he’d say problem was him not walking fast enough.

Keep them coming.

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